The Reasons Why

Reasons why the Roberta electronic spinner is the “Rolls Royce” or “Cadillac” of spinners.
  1. When the bobbin fills, there is no need to stop and adjust anything. No need to alter the tension on a bobbin brake, as you progress. Just keep spinning from start to finish.

  2. Very fast, with high speed plying. Everything is balanced, to prevent vibrations.

  3. The combo version can ply two full bobbins rapidly, without stopping and joining the yarn.

  4. Bobbins never get worn, or get noisy over time, even after 20 years of constant use

  5. Built for commercial use. This was proven by one owner, by spinning up to 2 kg of fibre, every working day for more than eight years, before the first service was needed.

  6. Spin up to three times more than on a treadle wheel, (given the same period of time), and do it more easily. Not just because it has a motor, but also because of the unique bobbin driven system.

  7. A 10 year warranty on the motor. 2 years warranty on the whole spinner.

  8. Each one handcrafted with a superior furniture gloss finish.

  9. The yarn does not break with irregular drafting, and you can still get a good quality of yarn. (great for a beginner).

  10. Extremely versatile spinner. Use any type of fibre, and make any type of yarn.  There is three ways to control and design a yarn. (instead of the usual two). The third way is the hold back to the pull of the spinner while drafting the fibre from the fingers. A light hold back creates a different yarn, to a hard hold back. 

  11. The Roberta spinner’s jumbo bobbins hold more than twice the volume of other brands of motorized spinners. Jumbo bobbins hold half a kilo, (18 ozes) and even more, if rounded up when filled.

  12. Uses less power than a household bulb, i.e. 40-60 watts.

  13. The flyer hooks are made from hard wearing stainless steel. Resists abrasive dust in Alpaca fibre.

  14. The working bobbin is quick and easy to take off.

  15. The dual powered Roberta electronic spinner is totally portable.

  16. All the top parts are individually balanced, so there are little or no vibrations at speed. We have a carpet manufacturer in Melbourne, who has several Roberta’s, and they run them at top speed for spinning man made fibres, for carpet samples. They have owned 5 Roberta spinners for quality laboratory work for more than 26 years.

  17. Proven for over 42 years of production (in 2015). One spinner model, perfected in every detail, over that time.

  18. The motor is quiet, because it is insulated from the timber back, including the fixing points.

  19. Each Roberta electronic spinner is hand crafted.

The Roberta electronic spinner is value for money.

The Roberta electronic spinner is not just another spinner on the market. The Roberta is quality with a capital Q. There are a lot of hidden quality points in the manufacture, which the average person cannot see (such as being balanced for high speed plying, and the felt insulated motor).

Please contact us to ask any questions or order your Roberta electronic spinner now.

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