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The Difference Between Electric and Electronic Spinning

The primary difference between electric and electronic spinning is the durability of the motor.

Electric means power goes straight to the motor and is adjusted with a speed control. This is a resistor that controls the voltage going to the motor, making it go slower or faster. Electric (sewing-machine-type) motors are not designed for spinning machines, which demand high torque (twisting effort of the shaft) at slow speeds. Electric motors are designed to run at high speeds under load, with AC (alternating current) power. If the Electronic spinning is superior to Electric spinningvoltage is restricted to slow the motor down, it stresses the motor core and damages the armature (being the middle core). Such stress and damage can cause the motors to fail. They're not likely to last more than 5 years with constant use.

Electronic means power is being modified to the motor and is controlled according to the demands of the person using it. The disadvantages of the electric motor are eliminated. Motorized spinners come in two designsVoltage is reduced and changed to DC (direct current) power. DC current provides strong torque to the motor at slow speeds, and the direct current motor is not harmed, because of the reduced voltage delivered from the electronics. In addition, the current is automatically adjusted between amperage and voltage, as the load and speed factors change. Electronic components in the circuit i.e. transistor, transformer, bridge rectifier, potentiometer, capacitor, diodes - accomplish this.

Motorised spinners come in two designs:- bobbin-driven machines are the Irish brake design, and the flyer-driven machines are the Scotch tension design. The Roberta electronic spinner is bobbin-driven, giving better control of the drafting rate. Flyer-driven machines have a disadvantage. The speed must be altered continually to suit the drafting speed from the fingers, being the spinning speed. Failure to handle this correctly, affects the quality of the yarn produced. The Roberta electronic spinner avoids this deficiency, because the motor speed affects the bobbin, not the flyer. The motor (bobbin speed), affects only the twist rate, not the pull-in rate for drafting. The result is a smoother start up and a more consistent yarn.

The Roberta has a great advantage over other spinnersThe Roberta is based on the same design found in modern spinning mills today. Of course, mills run at 6000 revolutions per minute, just a little faster than the Roberta!!!

The Roberta has a great advantage over other spinners with its bobbin-driven, electronic system. The 10-year guarantee on the motor is unmatched. Try a Roberta and you'll be impressed with it's quality and ease of use.

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