Special Features

Dual Power version of the Roberta Spinner, (Combo or Jumbo models)

Dual power means that the spinner can be run from either of two sources. i.e. your mains power supply in your particular country, plus from a 12 volt source.  It comes with a detachable additional power lead for plugging into a number options. These could be a car cigarette lighter fitting, a portable rechargeable carry pack (such as a car jump starter), or from a small solar panel. This is a great idea for maximum portability. Do your spinning anywhere.

If you decide to have the dual power version, be sure to order this at the time of purchase. Because internal electronic wiring is done differently in these spinners, it is something that is not very convenient to be adding later. 

Pause controlRoberta Electronic Spinner Pause Control

We are very pleased with the introduction of this optional pause control. We want you to know and feel the comfort and convenience of this new feature. Enquire now.

Are you one of the thousands of satisfied Roberta Spinner owners?

Why not consider adding it to your machine. Easy to use. The spinner still runs as before, with the front on/off switch remaining in operation. To pause the drafting of the fibre, place your foot on the control, or just use your elbow or thigh pressure. Take the pressure off the control to continue drafting again.

Anyone able to handle a screwdriver and a drill, can very easily fit the pause control with the instructions provided. Only $96.00 Australian dollars, plus post and packing. Or if you prefer, you can have it factory fitted for a little extra.

If you have always wanted a Roberta electronic spinner and have been putting it off for another time, now is the time to get your one. After 42 years of manufacture (2015) we have the perfected spinner just for you. Beautiful to look at and beautiful to use.

Versatile, portable, easy to use.

Spin up to 3 times more yarn than on a treadle wheel, given the same period of time. Ply 6 times faster than a treadle wheel, without any effort. Guaranteed to last . The Roberta motor is guaranteed for 10 years. The Roberta spinner will last well in excess of 10 years of every day use. Uses less power than a light bulb.

The 12 volt dual power facility can be used in a number of ways.

  1. Plug it into the car cigarette lighter fitting while camping or having a picnic.
  2. Plug it into a rechargeable power carry pack.
  3. Use it directly off a small solar panel (about 16 inches square one does the job well).

I can provide more details.

Please contact us to ask any questions or order your Roberta electronic spinner now.

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