Roberta Guarantee

pic 1The Roberta Electronic Spinner Guarantee

ERTOEL takes much pride in the success world-wide of its Roberta Electronic Spinner.

We feel so strongly about it, we are prepared to offer a 10 year warranty on the electric motor (Even with every day use)
This is what you can get from a Roberta electronic wheel, backed up by 38 years of proven performance in the market place. (as at year 2011).

No unsuspecting failure of the spinner to do the job. Will last many years trouble free.

pic 2Versatility
Be able to use any fibre of your choice. To be able to make any type of yarn easily and simply. From lace yarn to rug yarn. No changing of any parts.

Have a spinning job done quickly and efficiently.
The Roberta spinner can spin up to three times more than a treadle wheel. (given the same period of time)
You can ply up to five times faster than a treadle wheel.

Make your own comparisons, but we believe you cannot buy better.
Very moderately priced for a top performer. Choice of bobbin sizes.
Jumbo bobbins hold 18 ounces (500 grams or half a kilo). Standard bobbins hold 9 ounces (250 grams or quarter of a kilo).

pic 3Beautiful
Beautiful to look at and beautiful to use. A machine you would be proud to own.

Easy to carry.
Weighs only 10lbs {4.5kgs} Easy stored.

Easy to Use
No worries about hand to foot coordination.
The Irish Brake Design (bobbin driven) gives good results even with irregular drafting.
Using the unique sliding hook on the jumbo flyer makes spinning a pleasure.

Of course we guarantee absolutely everything (not just the motor) on your new Roberta spinner for 2 years from purchase date. Best of service guaranteed. Absolutely.

pic 4Note:- These warranties above are not transferable and only applies to the original purchaser.

Make your spinning more enjoyable. Do not put up with your current wheel any longer. Contact your local distributor, (or go direct to ERTOEL), and get your Roberta electronic spinner right now.

Please contact us to ask any questions or order your Roberta electronic spinner now.

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