Roberta Advantages

Advantages of the Roberta Electronic Spinner
  1. The flyer brake can remain set for days of use, with no further adjustments being necessary. This brake device governs the rate of fibre pull-in to the spinner during the drafting. Because there is no friction drag in the brake groove, it never changes with its use. The loading from the brake spring is transferred through to the inside of the bearing hole. This is where the flyer fits into the bearing. Because this is always lubricated there, it always stays set.pic 5
  2. There is little need for adjustments to the bobbin speed or tension settings regardless of how big the diameter of the bobbin grows in size. This is a big advantage over other brands of spinners. Observe the size of the jumbo bobbin on the Roberta. Little or no adjustment is needed as this grows to full size from the very small spindle centre.
  3. The electronic design ensures whatever performance is set on the controls, it will continue to stay that way regardless of how hard you hold back in drafting. The electronics also protects the motor from wear and tear.
  4. More yarn control.
    . A speed control on the driven bobbin for the twist rate.
    . More or less brake on free turning flyer, will regulate the draw-in rate.
    C. You can change the overall degree of hold back in the drafting against the pull, to create a different yarn. The top design as used on the Roberta, is the same system as used in modern mills today. (the only difference is their design is vertically constructed).pic 6
  5. Good results are still possible even with irregular drafting, because of the ability of free turning flyer to change its speed. This makes it self regulating for creating an even yarn. If you pause and hold in the drafting, the free turning flyer will increase in speed until it is the same speed as the bobbin. In this situation, nothing will be laid down on the centre of the bobbin. The twist will continue, but the yarn will not break. When you are ready to go again, you can do a long draw to take up the additional twist, and this will self regulate from your fingers through to the bobbin loading.
  6. Long lasting motor. Protected from any damage by the electronics design. Motor guarantee is for 10 years. Even if it is used for constant commercial use.
  7. The working bobbin is quick and easy to remove. Lift off the drive band with one finger and then tilt up flyer and bobbin while in place, and withdraw the bobbin off the free end of the flyer.
  8. Reeling off after the plying is easy - just lift the drive band off with a finger, to roll off the finished yarn to a niddy noddy or skein winder.
  9. The Combo version has an advantage in plying. The jumbo bobbin holds the volume of the two of the regular bobbins. The 2 regular bobbins will fit onto a jumbo bobbin without the usual stopping and joining.
  10. High speed plying is possible without any hard treadling work.pic 10
  11. No top equipment changes are necessary to create different types of yarns. No need to worry about pulley or whorl ratios. Makes thin lace yarn through to heavy rug yarn, easily.
  12. The Roberta Spinner is built to a professional quality standard and is suitable for production yarn making, as well as for the beginner. For the beginner there is no need to worry about foot and hand co-ordination. Has been known to be used every working day (all day use) for eight years before any servicing was necessary. Even then, only top parts reconditioned.
  13. Very practical sliding hook on the flyer arm. Use it both ways - backwards and forwards. Use thumb and forefinger for a easy quick change on the O ring to a new hook loading position. Very quick and easy to do, and it saves time. You do not have to wonder which flyer hook you were on, as would occur on conventional flyers.
  14. Handy threading hook holder on the side of the spinner.
  15. Use the optional pause control to maintain both hands on the fibre. Stopping and starting is so comfortable. No need to vary any speed set on the spinner when starting up again, because of the self regulating and free turning flyer.
  16. Variable motor speed not necessary because of the automatically changing speed of the flyer when you hold back against the pull. The motor determines twist rate only, not the pull-in rate as occurs on other brands of spinners.
  17. For maximum portability, use the 12 volt dual power input with the auxiliary cable. This cable can go to a car cigarette lighter fitting, rechargeable 12-volt power pack, or small solar panel.
  18. Uses only the power of a household light bulb.pic 8
  19. The Roberta is light and portable. Extremely versatile in its use. It makes any type of yarn from any type of fibre. Use the specially made carrybag for easy moving around, or travelling.
  20. Nice furniture finish to the Roberta Spinner which complements its professional performance. The “Roll Royce” of spinners without the high price tag.
  21. Originally designed for the disabled or for people who have leg troubles. It has been so popular over the 42 years of its production (year 2015) that 95% of sales now go to ordinary people, who have discovered its advantages.

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